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Issue 1: Romance


Ash is a nonbinary trans queer artist whose art sometimes looks like games. See more of those at or faer other art @vespertillian on Instagram. Questions, accolades, and cake may be delivered to


As a person with too many hobbies and just the right amount of loved ones, Christie is always way too busy. But she still makes time to write. When she's not writing, she spends time with her kid and girlfriend and family, does content and game design, knits, lavishes attention on her kitty and carnivorous plants, cooks, plays with fire, and drinks inhuman amounts of tea (monstrous amounts, perhaps). She actually loves all sorts of things others sometimes find monstrous — like spiders, bats, queerness, and neurodiversity. You can find her game design at and her UX writing and content design thoughts at @typothermya on Twitter.


H.S. Kallinger is a writer who grew up in a family of artists. As an artist, they work in pencil and Photoshop as preferred mediums. As an author, their novel debut of 2012, Hotel of Lost Souls, launched their Lost Humanity series, which was completed in 2019. Their genre love is for scifi and fantasy. The unifying theme to their works is LGBTQIA+ characters, as an #ownvoices creator. They majored in Criminal Justice and minored in psychology. They live in Kansas with their family and two beloved rescue kitties. Their art can be found at, books can be found at, and they are on social media: and


Kari is a poverty lawyer, dog lover, and nerd who grew up in Minnesota and currently lives in San Francisco. This is her first published anything and she's very excited about it.


Layla Klinger is an artist and designer working primarily with fiber. Her interests are the intersection of queer femmehood and traditional textile crafts, and being a total deviant dyke. She resides in New York City and Tel Aviv.


Victor Long Hua is an aspiring writer from Toronto, ON, Canada. An avid fan of speculative fiction, they are a firm believer in healing through storytelling, and has tried to integrate that into all aspects of their life, including his writing and biweekly D&D game.

Contributors - Romance: Meet the Team
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