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Roulette is a queer literary magazine that explores queerness within and across genres. Each issue focuses on a different genre -- starting with Romance in the first issue and Science Fiction in the second -- and features works from queer writers and artists who work within that genre, or who take it and twist it. Issues will be published quarterly and available online.

If you’re interested in being featured, check out our submission guidelines.

If you’re interested in supporting us and making sure we can pay our writers more than a pittance, head to our Patreon page.

Sarah Elizabeth Blake is a writer and editor living in Oakland. She also teaches preschool and is very grateful that her bosses don’t seem to care that she has published smut under her own name. She has previously been an editor at Omnia Vanitas Review, has written for Shipwreck, and been published by The Green Lantern Press and The Walrus

She doesn’t know what she’s doing or why she decided to do this. Please help. No really. I don’t know what to do. Would you like to be my mentor? Yes, you. No, no, not you. You. Yeah. HMU.

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